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[SOLVED] obnam backup (or forget) fails due to ERROR: RD5FA4X: ... : No space left on device


From: Erik Brangs <>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 13:33:31 +0200

   thanks to Gary for giving me the hint on the filesystem possibly being read-only. I would have replied to the original thread but I wasn't subscribed to list so I didn't get a copy of the message.
   I was using a NTFS-formatted external harddisk via USB and it turns out that the disk was no longer writable. The filesystem was mounted read-write but any attempt to move data to the disk failed. The error messages on Debian said that no space was available. As I mentioned before, there was enough free space. So I tried writing to the disk from Windows. This failed, too, but the error message said that the disk was too fragmented. I tried using the built-in Windows defragmentation but that failed because the NTFS master file table was too fragmented. I had to use UltraDefrag to defrag the NTFS master file table. After that, the disk was writable again on both Linux and Windows.
   Kind regards,
   Erik Brangs
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