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gpg failed with exit code -9


From: Levin Straub <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2017 21:24:13 +0100

   first of all I think obnam is really great and I'm really happy with it
   because I got my Ubuntu re-installation (14.04 --> 16.04) managed with it.
   Now, I want to make my first backup on 16.04 and I ran into some
   problems with gpg-agent. First gpg-agent version 2.1 does apparently not
   set the GPG_AGENT_INFO environment variable, so I had to set it on my own.
   I got gpg-agent working but I can't complete my backup. The backup
   starts normally, processes some time (in my tests ~20-40min) and crashes
   then. It seems to depend also on gpg-agent/gpg. The log says only
   "GpgError: R0C79EX: gpg failed with exit code -9:". I attached the
   complete log (loglevel was debug) starting at the last succesfull
   backed-up file.
   The agent is normally usable, also after obnam crashed. I am able to
   decrypt a file with the key tah obnam should use without giving a password.
   The error occurs after a (from my position) random time.
   I'm on obnam version 1.20-3 from the PPA.
   GPG version 1.4.20 is installed.
   And, as I said Ubuntu 16.04.
   Everything worked fine in Ubuntu 14.04.
   Maybe somebody is able to help me or give me a hint what I'm doing
   wrong. I would be very happy about it. :)